Our Story

Hello Angels,

I'm Patricia Monroy aka Trish @patriizzle on Instagram!

I am the owner of ANGEL COVE

I'm so excited to share all the pieces that I curated. Each style and clothing piece in my brand is based from my own style. I want everyone to feel like on cloud 9 and be confident while wearing these pieces. These are from wholesale and manufacturers in Los Angeles, California.

I'm currently in the works of an essential clothing line here called THE LUCKY CLUB. This collection will be a daily reminder to slow down, take care of yourself, work on your dreams + goals, and follow your heart and what you're truly passionate about. This will be a motivation and selflove movement to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason :)

Other than Angel Cove, I'm a full-time content creator and create fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content! I also create social media tips on how to be a UGC creator and work with brands for a living -- so go check them out @trizsocials on Instagram <3